A place straight out of a movie. Beautiful, green, serene, simple and endlessly fascinating, the two days we spent in Moultonborough, New Hampshire were beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

I made a video documenting our weekend which you can watch here, but no video or picture would ever be able to do this place justice.


Basically, this place was one of the most beautiful places I’d ever been. As a Californian, the drought is taking its toll, so green mountains and waterfalls are basically a myth now, so I was in awe of all the lush green and abundance of water.


If you’re planning a trip, why not try something new? Why not go completely out of your comfort zone and go somewhere totally different? I was nervous about going to New Hampshire, a place I knew absolutely nothing about, but I’m glad I took that leap, I’m glad we went, because there is something truly beautiful and magical about the 603.

These pictures were all taken on a GoPro on our hike to Beede Falls. Really, check it out.






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