Last Hike of Summer

There’s a lot of things I wanted to do before the end of summer, including going on more hikes.  My favorite hike (shoutout to Carlie) is called White Face, a hike full of climbing and sliding and AMAZING views.  This was my last hike of the summer, and here are some pictures we took; though keep in mind nothing does justice to the real thing.


See those trees at the top? That’s where we went.IMG_6556IMG_6558

Sarah and Thania goofing off about halfway up the hike.IMG_6564IMG_6569IMG_6573IMG_6580IMG_6583IMG_6623IMG_6699IMG_6636

The view from the top!IMG_6639IMG_6647IMG_6655IMG_6662IMG_6666

Heading back downIMG_6675IMG_6678IMG_6682IMG_6686

A great end of summer adventure with some great friends.

The next adventure I’ll have will be across the world so stay tuned!




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