7 Things

This week I’ve compiled a list of 7 things that have made me happy or brought me joy in some way-

  1. I completed my first final of the semester- and I don’t think I failed (will know tomorrow if I’m right).
  2. It’s still 80 degrees outside, but there’s a nice breeze in Granada that makes it seem almost autumnal. It made walking around feel great on Sunday when we went to the parade for the patron saint of Granada, Santa Maria de la Anguista.
  3. I bought a red bomber jacket today at an insanely low price and I can’t wait for the weather to get slightly more chilly (just slightly, I am a Californian after all).
  4. Codie sent me his bracelets so I can be reminded of him and I just looked down at my wrist and smiled (as I do every time I look at them). Getting his package in the mail on Monday was the best way I could have imagines starting the week.
  6. The lady who works at the café around the corner from my residencia asked me “quieres tu regular?” That probably means I go there too often, but to be regarded as a regular was nice.
  7. Going to bed on clean sheets last night was so relaxing before my final exam this morning. I don’t know why but clean sheets always brighten my mood.

After last weekend’s post, I wanted to prove I was putting myself in a more positive mindset, and finding good little things was a great way to do that.

As I said, this weekend I am going to Madrid and I am beyond excited!

Until next time,



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