Bohemia Jazz Café

Last week marked the end of my intensive Spanish program and also the completion of my first month living Spain!

Last Wednesday we had our final exam for the intensive program, and to celebrate, Maddie, Kirby, and I went to Bohemia Jazz Café to unwind and celebrate good scores on our exams.

But what’s so notable about this little cafe in Granada? Well in short, everything.

The café has a very Old Hollywood feel to it, and not a single detail is missed.  On weekends, they have live jazz music playing, but even the rest of the week, you can hear it through the speakers.  The walls are adorned with old movie posters and portraits of Hollywood stars, and the whole place has a very comforting atmosphere.

We got to the café really early (by Spanish standards) so we were the only patrons for a solid hour, resulting in a super fun photoshoot and a night filled with lots of laughs in an empty restaurant.

We had giant ice cream sundaes, ate way too much, reminisced on our lives back home, and had the chance to unwind after our exams and before the actual semester begins.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

I officially started classes today, and I’m very excited about the lessons I’ll learn in a Spanish university.  I’m ready to get into my classes and also to start doing some more frequent traveling!

This weekend, our group is heading to Seville, Gibraltar, and Córdoba, and I can’t wait!

Until next time,



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