Cousin’s Weekend in Barcelona!

How is it the middle of November? Where have the last 3 months gone? I don’t know, and that’s freaking me out! Since August, I’ve seen 5 countries, 22 cities (more or less, at this point, I could be forgetting a few), 6 UNESCO world heritage sites, and had hundreds of bowls of gelato.

But all my nostalgia aside, last month my cousin Lydia and I met up in Barcelona, and had so much fun.  We spent the 3 days walking and talking and just exploring the city by foot.  We got to see Gaudi’s Park Güell, the outside of the Sagrada Familia, and spend time walking along the beach.  It was such a fun weekend, and so nice getting to see my cousin while I’m out here.

Park Güell

We spent most of the first day here, walking around the whole grounds of the park and eventually making it in to see the mosaics. Making it inside the park means getting a panoramic view of the city, extending all the way out to the Mediterranean Sea.


This is a super zoomed in picture of the Sagrada Familia. fullsizerender-5img_2561img_2608fullsizerender-7img_2575img_2582img_2583

I like to call this the Gingerbread House.img_2596img_2650img_2602


I love all the detail of the mosaics and how all the benches are completely unique.fullsizerender-4img_2608img_2609img_2610img_2611img_2612img_2614img_2589img_2615

Eyescream and Friends

After spending most of our day at Park Güell, we made our way to Lydia’s favorite- Eyescream and friends. It was a super cute shop with shaved-ice type ice cream and it was delicious and refreshing after walking around in the Spanish heat all day.img_2643

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is one of those things that I have to come back and see, once it’s complete and all the cranes are out of the way.  But I can only imagine how much more amazing it is going to look when it is finally complete (plus it gives me an excuse to come back).



On our last day in Barcelona, we had an AWESOME brunch at a place called Brunch & Cakes.  It was definitely out of the way, but beyond worth it. I had a pancake and you can’t even see the pancake beneath all these fruits and grains and nuts and deliciousness.

School here in Granada is taking up a lot of my time right now (rightfully so), but this weekend Sydney and I are heading to Dublin, Ireland!

So until next time,



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