3 Weeks Left in Granada?!

SOS. I have 3 weeks left in Granada. THREE WEEKS.  Where did the time go?  I swear I just got on the plane to come here like, yesterday? And now December is right around the corner, the semester is almost over, and somehow, I am coming to the end of this study abroad adventure.

It’s really bittersweet actually, and that’s what is making this so hard.  I’m already feeling nostalgic for this city I’ve started calling home- walking to school in the mornings and looking at the snow-capped mountains, all the pastelerias around every street corner, walking up to the Albaicín and gazing over Plaza Mirador San Nicholas to look at the Alhambra- these little things are what make Granada so special, and make me so sad to leave. But on the other hand, I’m ready to be home with my family and Codie to celebrate the holidays, I miss Cal Lu and all my friends there, and I’m excited to go back. I’m excited that I’m excited to go back, and that I’m not dwelling on it as much as I thought I would.

But as I’m sitting here sick in bed in the residencia, home is starting to sound better and better (mostly because it’ll be nice to go somewhere my immune system is familiar with and not get sick every week and a half).

All that being said, I was looking back at pictures from the AIFS Safari Fotográfico last month, and once again, I got sad about leaving. I love the friends I’ve made here, and we’ve made so many amazing memories, I feel so lucky to have got to know these people, and also to have traveled here with Kirby, because nobody else back home will ever truly understand this experience we’ve had- it’s something we will only be able to share with each other, and as a result I really value this friendship that we have and I’m glad we get to go back together and still be able to talk about it, because I feel like that’s what’s going to keep this experience (and these memories) alive.

Here are some pictures from our Safari Fotográfico, it was an exceptionally beautiful day in Granada, and that made for some really good pictures that highlighted all the most beautiful parts of our city.


Until next time,



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