Exploring Málaga

Málaga in November? I should have brought my bathing suit honestly, because Málaga is beautiful all year round.  After 3 months of living in Granada, I’d spent a lot of time in Málaga’s bus station and airport, but I’d never taken the time to visit the city itself.  And wow am I glad I did.  Here are some pictures from the day trip Maggie and I took to Málaga.

Walking through city center is absolutely amazing because not only are you next to the shops and surrounded by the liveliness of the city, but if you walk 5 minutes in one direction you see the mountains, five minutes in the other you’re at the beach, and five minutes another way you’re at a massive cathedral and old Roman ruins.  This city is such a treasure.

These were taken around the back of the Málaga Cathedral, an amazing Renaissance Cathedral near an old Roman amphitheater and these luscious green gardens.  I can still smell the orange trees…

Surprisingly, the only sign of Fall at all was from these trees near the beachside, with their falling leaves.  Every day I miss Spain more and more, which makes me glad I’ve waited to write about everything, because this gives me an opportunity to sit and remember the different places I’ve been.


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